Works: Fitted Launders

Fitted Launders

Transforming the Laundry industry with a new website and brand strategy.

Industry — Service, B2B
/ 2023
What we did

Fitted Launders is a forward-thinking laundry service provider situated in New York city, operating under the conviction that people deserve more from their laundry solutions. They are committed to simplifying your life through their services, guiding you through the process seamlessly, and offering reliable solutions to ensure your laundry needs are always met with ease.

They provide Wash & dry laundry service for everyone.


Leveraging a tasteful blend of accent and primary hues, the Fitted Launders brand emphasizes the power of their services and visuals to deeply engage their customers. On the other hand, the intricate patterns in their logo form an appealing frame, thus enhancing the overall perception of their key offering - accessible Wash & Dry laundry services for everyone.

Maintaining synergy with the existing brand identity, we crafted a compelling new design for Fitted Launders. Our approach incorporated contrasting light and dark spaces, along with large format images that encapsulate the brand's essence. This design is further enhanced by unique elements in their service offerings, showcasing the dedicated workmanship that goes into their all-inclusive Wash & Dry laundry services, effectively capturing the spirit of the brand.


Large-scale images, dynamic layouts with the best user-friendly CMS, and understated page animations imbue the Fitted Launders website with vitality. The company now proudly displays a website that will aid in promoting their unique and highly convenient Wash & Dry laundry services, available to everyone in and around the New York, USA area.

Final Result

Crafted to showcase their comprehensive Wash & Dry laundry services, the newly redesigned Fitted Launders website merges appealing aesthetics with intuitive navigation and clear calls-to-action, all aimed at maximizing customer engagement and conversions.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Futurhive. Right from the start, they understood our business, responded quickly, and went the extra mile to produce something amazing. The end result is stunning – we are completely in love with it. his is the second business website they’ve created for us, and once again, they exceeded our expectations with their exceptional delivery.

Johnis A. Dupuis

— Founder of Fitted Launders