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Response Ready

Getting results for the market leader in AED Supplies.

Industry — Service, B2B
/ 2023
What we did

Response Ready is a dedicated AED supplier company based in the United States. They carry all major brands of AED devices and accessories, establishing themselves as the market leader in the AED Supplies industry.

To further their commitment to safety, Response Ready also offers CPR training programs. These programs aim to train individuals in essential life-saving techniques such as CPR and AED usage, as well as CPR, AED, and First Aid. Additionally, they provide training in Stop the Bleed, equipping people with the skills to respond effectively during critical situations.

With their wide range of AED devices and accessories, Response Ready strives to provide individuals and organizations in the United States with the necessary tools and knowledge to respond promptly in emergency situations. Their dedication to high-quality products and comprehensive training programs ensures that customers receive the utmost support and solutions.

Choose Response Ready as your trusted AED supplier, committed to customer satisfaction and safety. Their expertise and unwavering dedication make them the go-to choice for AED devices, accessories, and life-saving training programs.


Response Ready asked us to create them a beautiful online showroom off the back of our success with their AED brand. The brief was simple; create a stunning new website that makes the process easier, faster, and quicker for customers to make purchase and shows the quality of their Products.


We designed & developed a bold new site, with classic styling to reflect the branding through their new color palette to make sure it aligns with the primary goal. Built on WordPress, the Response ready site is packed full of flexibility.

Final Result

Collaborating closely with various team members at Response Ready, ranging from technicians to marketers to the company owner, the design process for their website has been a true team effort. With inputs and contributions from both sides, we have successfully revamped their online presence, giving the brand a visually stunning look that sets them apart from their closest competitors.

The redesigned website stands as a source of pride for Response Ready, serving as a destination that they can confidently direct potential customers to. The envy of their industry peers, it showcases the company's commitment to excellence and professionalism, while providing an exceptional user experience.

Throughout the design process, we have worked hand in hand with the Response Ready team, ensuring that their brand values and unique offerings are accurately represented. By understanding their vision and collaborating closely, we have brought their brand to life in the digital realm, creating a visually captivating platform that leaves a lasting impression.

The redesigned website not only reflects the expertise and dedication of the Response Ready team, but it also serves as a powerful tool for attracting and engaging potential customers. Its visually appealing design and user-friendly interface make it a destination of choice for those seeking high-quality AED devices, accessories, and life-saving training programs.

Futurhive Team understood my business especially Ayaan and created a number of custom designs. Response to my messages was fast and did all the necessary changes to make the best version with my suggestions. The team rock! I have no hesitation in recommending these guys.

Shahin Enayati

— Owner of Response Ready