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/ 2022

The Client

Torii is the only all-in-one real estate brokerage that combines experienced real estate agents with breakthrough technology to help clients find, buy, and own their perfect home. Torii streamlines the process of buying real estate by combining the power of automation and machine learning with the personal touch of human customer service. Their intuitive platform allows users to search for a property, make an offer and track their progress from their smartphone.

The Challenge

For Torii, the way we buy homes is broken. It’s too expensive, the technology is outdated, and the entire process is fragmented and frustrating. On top of that, millennials now make up the largest share of homebuyers in the United States. But the real estate industry has been asleep for years, refusing to adapt to the needs and expectations of its ancestral clientele.

The Solution

After extensive research, workshops, and proposals, we crafted a comprehensive rebrand with a new visual identity and messaging/positioning strategy. We consolidated Torii’s value proposition in a clear statement to communicate to customers, investors, and the press. We then created brand guidelines that included visual identity best practices, messaging strategy, photography, and illustration guidelines – a comprehensive toolkit to achieve the new goals.

Services we provided

Website design, Front-end development, WordPress implementation, Quality assurance, Search engine optimization
October 25, 2022

From day one, we have been incredibly impressed with Futurhive’s creativity, hard work and commitment to the projects we have given them. Through their interpretation of our briefs, they have given us a family of three stand-out brands that we are incredibly proud of. The BB team has such a great understanding of Wonde and are so ingrained in everything we do, they are seen as an extension of our own company!

Peter Dabrowa

— Co-Founder and CEO of Wonde

The result

After three months of collaboration, the Torii team successfully integrated our messaging and visual identity guidelines across all touchpoints, including social media, websites, products, and general customer communications. The Torii team embraced the new visual identity and language, fully adopting the playful and expressive design language.

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