Works: YarMobile


Shaping the web's future with innovative, customer-focused solutions.

Industry — Service, B2B
/ 2023
What we did

YarMobile, a vibrant team based in Warsaw, Poland, brings big dreams to life. They excel in crafting top-tier mobile apps, web applications, eCommerce platforms, and more.

Their goal is to be the first port of call for B2C customers seeking tailored digital solutions worldwide.


YarMobile's brand has been elegantly translated into a digital platform with a seamless user interface that's as functional as it is engaging. The refreshed YarMobile website offers an immersive and effortless journey, making exploring and selecting digital solutions a breeze.

Furthermore, their new platform mirrors the innovation and excellence they embed in every project. From mobile apps to eCommerce platforms and Flutter apps, the website captures their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The design facilitates easy navigation, ensuring potential customers can find the perfect solution for their needs.


Utilizing the power of custom WordPress development, YarMobile's website has transformed into a robust and flexible platform. This improvement now empowers their team to seamlessly expand their array of services while effectively showcasing their innovative digital solutions. It's a platform as intuitive and dynamic as the cutting-edge services they provides to their B2C customers.

Behind the scenes, the development allows them to actively promote new services, keeping their offerings fresh and in line with the latest trends. Truly, their website stands as a testament to their expertise in the digital realm.

Final Result

After four-week of collaboration period, we integrated their brand ethos and visuals across all touchpoints, including multilingual functionality making the website 3x more capable, now available in English, Polish, and Dutch. Embracing our renewed identity, we infused a dynamic design language into their digital domain. The outcome of careful design, development, SEO, and successful multilingual launch reaffirms YarMobile's commitment to digital excellence.

Working with the Futurhive team on our website redesign has been an absolutely positive experience. Their approach was not just methodical and insightful, but it resonated with the spirit of our brand. Always punctual for meetings and with deliverables, they displayed admirable agility in managing schedule shifts and additional revisions. The intensive exploration of our messaging and positioning has provided us with great value, improving our product marketing and internal alignment. The outcome? A vibrant, user-friendly website that our customers find delightfully engaging. The transformation speaks volumes about their craft and our renewed digital presence.

Founder of

Jaroslaw Pietras

— Founder of Yarmobile